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Insulating glass production line

  • Desiccant automatic filling machine

    Desiccant automatic filling machine

    1.PLC control system, friendly interface, easy operation.

    2.Key control parts adopt imported brand.

    3.Adjustable filling height.

    4.Advanced gas flow principles desiccant feeding device

    5.Automatic desiccant supplement function, avoid insufficient filling.

    6.Automatic sealing function.

  • Two component sealing machine

    Two component sealing machine

    1.Mixed two kinds sealant  certain proportion to sealing the insulating glass frame .

    2.Complete pneumatic power .

    3.Totally enclosed curing agent system ,avoid exposed to the air .

    4.Proportion step-less adjustment , meet  the required proportion .

    5.Adopts static reciprocating mixer, mixed more evenly .

  • Butyl rubber coating machine

    Butyl rubber coating machine

    1)Used for insulating glass processing.

    2) good processing quality.

    3)Fast delivery

    The machine is controlled by PLC,completing extruding operation automatically and accurately,the efficiency is high .

    The machine is suitable for aluminum frame of square,oblong,round and the other kinds of shape .

  • Vertical insulating glass sealing line

    Vertical insulating glass sealing line

    1. This machine used for coating rectangle insulating glass with sealing glue .

    2. Two kind glue can be quickly switch with one- button operation (1 minute) .Two completely independent glue supply system (including glue fixtures )

    3. Friendly man-machine interface ,easy operate .

    4. Glue can be coated in glass edge under glass neat trimming and engagement piece misplaced ,without pop , enrich the corner , the four line of the surface is flat and without repair angle .

  • Vertical full automatic insulating glass production line

    Vertical full automatic insulating glass production line

    1.Rinsing sector and water flow system adopt rustproof and rot-proof material, which can bear roughly usage.

    2.The rinsing and dry sector with floating design is suitable for rinsing 3-12mm glasses.

    3.Full distance automatic changeable frequency speed adjustment, which can save work waiting time and improve production efficiency.

    4.The glasses can be rinsed continuously,the machine can distinguish the first and the second glass automatically. Waiting time is zero .

  • Automatic glass cutting machine, laminated glass cutting machine production line

    Automatic glass cutting machine, laminated glass cutting machine production line

    Glass Cutting Machine is Introduced in European advanced technology ,using the lasted technology and processing craft ,high-precision rack slide roll servo motor and starting components ,to achieve long-term precision and stability ,to achieve the effects of processing fast.

    Glass Cutting Machine adopt the lasted imported control system ,run faster ,higher security ,efficient and stable.