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Aluminum Window And Door Machinery Loading For Customer

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Hisena Aluminum Window Door Fabrication Machines Loading For Our Customer

CNC Aluminum High Precision Double Head Cutting Machine With Vacuum Cleaner and Middle Rear Two Automatic Profile Lifting Units:

1. Used for Aluminum window door profile high accurate cutting.
2. With high moving speed reach to 18000mm/min.

3. Saw blade running curved, which make high cutting speed.

4. Machine body with 8mm thick rectangle pipe steel with Chinese standard, improve stability of machine and working with low noise.

5. Taiwan made HIWIN 30mm linear guide rail and fine biting racks insure high precision for the cutting length, the min is 249mm, and the max can reach to 8800mm.

6. Imported linear square guide rail with self-lubricating.
7. Servo motor rack gear.

8. Patent structure and high quality configuration.

Post time: May-11-2021