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How to choose a double head cutting saw machine for aluminum windows and doors and thermal break aluminum profiles, and what is reliable?

Cutting is the first process in the production of windows and doors, and its cutting quality, length, and angle precision control play a vital role in the subsequent assembly and the molding effect of windows and doors. Nowadays, people’s requirements for home improvement are getting higher and higher, and engineering acceptance specifications are getting stricter. A high-precision and efficient cutting saw is particularly important for windows and doors factories.

How to choose a suitable double head cutting saw? First of all, you must clarify your needs and understand the size range of your profile, including height, width and wall thickness. Some special-shaped profiles that are not easy to clamp need to be equipped with supporting fixtures.Secondly, determine the length and angle range of the cutting according to your own window and door system and engineering requirements. In pursuit of high efficiency and high precision, it is recommended to use the CNC cutting saw directly.

So what kind of machine is reliable?

1. Brands and manufacturers, famous brands are generally not bad, of course, the brand premium rate is also high, suitable for customers who pay attention to the brand and have sufficient budget. In recent years, the door and window industry has developed rapidly. Many small and medium-sized manufacturers that have been deeply involved in the door and window equipment industry for many years have also grown rapidly. If you have the opportunity to personally inspect the factory, you can pay attention to whether it has a professional R&D, assembly and after-sales team, and focus on its assembly process and assembly. Does the master have rich experience and have professional assembly machinery and tools?

2. Configuration, it is best for buyers to have certain knowledge of accessories, at least for common brand names, such as Schneider Electric, Hiwin Rails, etc., so that you can look at the price in combination with the configuration. Of course, there are also many counterfeit famous brands on the market, which merchants use to pretend to be inferior, and buyers need to keep their eyes open. If after comparison, one of them has a much lower price under the premise of the same configuration, so it is not recommended to choose.

3. Machine characteristics, many cutting saws advertise “high precision” and “integrated precision”. What is high precision? Mainly saw head.

For example, whether the main shaft is a high-precision main shaft and whether the sawing guide is a high-precision linear rail, these directly affect the cutting roughness and flatness. In order to pursue high stability, some manufacturers with high requirements will adopt integrated casting processing for the swing or tilting shaft and base to ensure that the structure is not deformed over time and the movement process is still stable. The direct performance is low vibration and low noise, which also reduces the customer’s The cost.

4. Quality assurance and after-sales service, we try our best to choose manufacturers or suppliers that have a warranty of more than two years and provide lifetime maintenance in China. Foreign countries generally have a one-year warranty. Due to the language, the salesperson is responsible for communication. Buyers should also pay attention to the

professionalism and communication fluency of the salesperson.


I hope this short article will be helpful to buyers, and the window and door industry is getting better and better.



Post time: Oct-19-2021