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Which machines are needed for making aluminum windows and doors?

This is the production line for making aluminum windows and doors:

dthf (1)

1. Cutting saw machine

After on-site measurement, the size of the windows or doors to be produced is obtained.

The first step is to cut the aluminum profile to the required length and angle.

How to choose the appropriate saw machine?

1st,depend on the cutting size and angles.You need to know the maximum cutting width and height and angles,the cutting size depends on the aluminum profile,cutting angles depends on the assembling angles of windows or doors.

2nd,single or double head saw?

In fact they are almost same on the occupied area if including the conveyors on single head saw,even single head saw is longer.Of course from the machine price and shipping cost,the single head saw is cheaper,it’s friendly for start.

dthf (4)

If you require high efficiency and accuracy and automation,a cnc double head cutting saw machine is the best.

dthf (5)

2. Punching machine and copy router

For aluminum profile with simple structure,punching machine is the best solution for making lock holes,corner joint holes,drainage or vent holes and other items for assembling.It can be the main machine for main series of windows and doors,its efficiency is high.

dthf (6)

The copy router can be as a substitute machine for the windows and doors which are rarely made.

dthf (7)

For aluminum profile with complex structure,a cnc copy router is better.

dthf (8)

3. End milling machine is used for milling the both ends of mullion profile.

dthf (3)

4. Corner cleat/corner joint saw is used for cutting the corner cleat profile,it’s automatic.

dthf (2)

5. Corner crimping machine

This machine is used for joining the window and door corners

dthf (9)


Post time: Nov-12-2021