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Steel reinforcement screwing machine

  • Four heads scewing machine

    Four heads scewing machine

    1.PLC control system

    2.Consists of main body ,screw box ,feeding screw system ,separate screw part, screw fastening part.

    3.Full automatic, work down in 4s.

    4.screw distance ,depth all adjustable.

    5.Four head can automatic distinguish profile different length ,to work automatic .

  • Steel reinforcement punching machine

    Steel reinforcement punching machine


    Used for punching the steel reinforcement to avoid the profile locking mounting hole.



  • Single head screwing machine

    Single head screwing machine

    1. Automatic screw-feed and locking.

    2. Screw mounting height adjustable, punching depth adjustable.

    3. Adjustable front and rear position of the head, handwheel operation, ruler indication, efficient and practical.